Eliminating Racism
In Bexley Schools

It takes everyone to dismantle the systems of racism. 

Systemic and sustainable change is needed in Bexley City Schools to address racism and bias

This initiative is led by parents of Black children in Bexley
and participation is open to all Bexley residents who are aligned with this mission.

If this cause is important and urgent to you, please join us!

PLEASE JOIN US for ERIBS Community Dialogue Event #3

Monday, November 13 from 6:30-7:45 pm 

Bexley Public Library Auditorium

2411 East Main Street, Bexley OH

Invite your friends and neighbors to join you!

We are developing solutions in the following areas:


How can Bexley schools improve the safety of Black students?


How can Bexley schools improve communication about race-related incidents?


How can Bexley schools improve the education of students, teachers, staff, and administration about racism and bias?


How can the culture of Bexley schools be welcoming, inclusive, and supportive of Black students?

How To Get Involved

Review community ideas submitted
to address the issue of
racism in Bexley Schools.

Learn more about what the progress we have made together in our quest to eliminate racism in our schools.

Stay informed on our group's
collective work and next steps
as we organize for impact!