Community Ideas

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Ideas have been organized into themes and lightly edited for length and clarity.

SAFETY: How can Bexley schools improve the safety of Black students?

Grow awareness of the issues of racism in Bexley schools

Acknowledge and address that racist acts impact students mentally, emotionally, and physically

Implement consistent affirmations and reminders of anti-racist stance

Clearly communicate policies and consequences for race-related incidents

Implement zero tolerance policy for incidents of hate speech, racism, bias, discrimination, etc. for students and teachers

Provide better avenues for students to report incidents and better support and protection for those who stand up against those perpetrating racism 

Teachers and staff must be trained and consistent in how they address racism when it happens

Incorporate racism into the anti-bullying lessons

Provide educational resources to families to talk about racism with their own children

Lack of bussing creates safety issues for students of color who do not live close to schools

COMMUNICATION: How can Bexley schools improve communication about race-related incidents?

Communication about race-related incidents must be sent district-wide and to the greater Bexley community

Communication about the work happening in schools to address this issue should be consistent

Students and parents need clear communications about the district policy and consequences of violations or behavior infractions

Ways to improve communications on race-related incidents

We need greater transparency and accountability on racism and bias issues in the schools

Conversations should be had with students in all classes about events and incidents that occur in the district

Teachers should be trained on how to have conversations about race and racism with the students

Student and community forums should be convened by the schools 

EDUCATION: How can Bexley schools improve the education of students, teachers, staff, and administration about racism and bias?

Implement a standard and consistent anti-racism curriculum at all schools

Provide consistent communication and documentation of curriculum improvements/changes

Incorporate anti-racism and diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging into all processes and at all levels for Bexley Schools teachers, staff, and administrators

Require mandatory education and training for administrators, teachers, staff, coaches, parent volunteers, chaperones, and anyone else working at or on behalf of the schools

Formalize a process to ensure regular conversations are happening to assess work being done, gather new ideas, and pursue continued improvements 

Provide resources to parents

CULTURE: How can the culture of Bexley schools be welcoming, inclusive, and supportive of Black students?

Move past “good intentions” to sustained action and progress

Demonstrate accountability for implementing systemic and sustainable change

Diversify Administration, Teachers, and Staff

Provide robust support for students of color

Establish multicultural centers in all schools

Implement a program to publicly celebrate anti-racism actions and behaviors

Integrate cultural appreciation and awareness into school events and celebrations

Recruit a diverse set of school volunteers

Seek opportunities to connect with other schools and cultural experiences

ADDITIONAL IDEAS for improving our schools and community-at-large

Create school policies and standards that reflect the true needs of our community

Ensure community ideas are incorporated into the strategic planning process

Incorporate anti-racism work into the fabric of the Bexley community

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